Saturday, June 17, 2006

What is missions?

When I was at a missionary guest house in Nairobi, another missionary asked me about the work we did at ELI. I told him about our ministry, about doing agricultural training, amongst other things. Somewhat sceptical, he asked if we were able to succesfully integrate spiritual training with agricultural training...

This has led to some interesting discussions with colleagues. My neighbor Brian Albright puts it well: We've never been able to seperate Christ from anything we do!

Think about it. It is when we compartementalize our faith (God is part of my church experiences, or when I visit with Christian friends) that we become ineffective Christians. I am not saying that you need to wear T-shirts with blazing slogans or mention Christ in every other sentence. Sharing Christ in everyday activities deals with how we interact with the clerk at the bank, with the packer at the grocery store, the neighbors who think differently from us. Not?

Whether I teach kids a Bible verse, or if I teach pastors a class on leadership, or if I simply interact with the gardeners at ELI, it should all be done in the same spirit.

To me, that is truly missions.

And that makes each and every Christian a missionary. No matter where in the world we may find ourselves.

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