Friday, June 16, 2006


So... the girls were ready: Pillows and invitations in hand (the invitations made a puzzle which we put together later), they piled into my car. I made two trips and the girls were buzzing with excitement. Some of the boys, on the other hand, decided to ambush us as the girls walked up to the car. Boys will be boys, no matter where in the world you are!

We had a blast! The girls cracked up at some of the stories others were telling about where babies come from. Scopia, the oldest one, gave a quick anatomy lesson in Kiswahili. She remembered well what Alissa (an PA from Iowa) had taught them!

Next it was movie time. Everyone got a cupcake a strawberry milk, but many didn't care at all for the sweet milk. I kept the popcorn coming while they watched "Princess Diaries." They couldn't quite finish the movie before it was time for us to walk them home.

It's funny looking at my bathroom: little muddy footprints in every corner! The girls literally explored every corner of my home.

I wonder what they'll be sharing with the others tomorrow...

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