Thursday, June 29, 2006

12 Steps to mailing a package in Kenya

  1. Wrap goods carefully.
  2. Tape package closed.
  3. Wrap and address package.
  4. Drive to the Post Office.
  5. Be told to unwrap package for inspection.
  6. Fill out forms for Kenya Customs.
  7. Walk to Kenya Customs Authority, in a different building.
  8. Present package to clerk. Have him look at everything inside the package!
  9. Have clerk stamp customs forms.
  10. Seal package in front of clerk.
  11. Walk back to Post Office.
  12. Mail package.

At least I know now that if ever I mail a package from Kenya again, not to seal it before taking it to the Post Office! And to go in the morning. That's when the customs clerk is at the post office, inspecting all incoming packages and deciding who has to pay import tax before being allowed to claim packages...

1 comment:

  1. That is crazy!
    And ooh, having to pay customs always burns me up. Poor Mel had to pay something like L35 for her bridesmaids dress! :( Those customs thieves ...