Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What are you currently reading?

I was in a bookstore today and was actually proud of myself for not buying another book. I was very tempted to buy a Henri Nouwen book. But I didn't. Not because I won't get around to reading it. I'm just tired of having to move my library around the world. So until I know where home will be next, I'll try to only buy electronic books, as in, books for my Kindle. Except, my Kindle died some months ago. It just died. No clear reason why. Personally, I think it had been x-rayed too many times in Jakarta, since I constantly had it in my bag, and whenever you walk into a mall, your bag has to be x-rayed. For bombs.

I'm glad I no longer live in a place where bombs are a day-to-day threat. But that's besides the point.

I was talking about my dead Kindle... Amazon said I could send it in and get $40 off a new one, but after having weighed all options, I decided to go with buying an iPad instead, download the Kindle app, and voila, all my Kindle books were back in my hands, complete with what I had underlined etc. Just like that. Got to love technology!

I actually prefer the iPad Kindle app far more than the Kindle itself. Funnily, it feels (or rather, looks) much more like a real book than the groundbreaking e-reader does. In my opinion, at least. (The only con is that it's harder to read when you're out in the sun.)

Other than being easier to tote around the world, electronic books are also much cheaper than printed ones. Plus I love that you can just look up a word when you're not 100% clear on the meaning. I usually just guess the meaning from context, not even stopping to think about it, really. But when you know you simply have to click on a word to read its definition, it really isn't distracting at all to look up a word.

So, other than definitions of words, what am I currently reading, you may wonder? Most of my current reading's for research purposes. Someday, I'll get to read novels again. I hope.

I carry two "real" books in my bag (got to have choices, I believe...): Convergence and Stewards in the Kingdom. And though I have a whole lot more, the books I'm currently determined to finish are Leadership Above the Line, The Insider, How I Changed my Mind About Women in Leadership, The Gospel According to Jesus, The Tangible Kingdom, ReJesus, God at Work, and The Forgotten Ways. (I know, you're just dying to read my dissertation, aren't you? Actually, I am, too... It's not coming fast, though, but dissertations never do. And I'm just being sassy about you dying to read my dissertation. Dissertations aren't NY Times Bestsellers, I know.)

When I really get tired of reading the stuff from my research list, I read one thousand gifts. Or I watch a movie... In fact, I watched a movie the other night that made me cry. I cry for odd reasons in movies. Watching Temple Grandin (a true story and a must-see if you like true stories), I simply couldn't stop the tears from welling up as she overcame one obstacle after another. Hers is an amazing story. See it if you can!

In fact, reading up on Dr. Grandin's story makes me want to read her book. I'll simply have to put it on my list of books to read some other time...

How about you? What are you currently reading? 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Worthwhile reading

With much respect and gratitude for the work this woman has done... She has paved the way for change.

A Liberating Woman: A Reflection on the Founder of Christians for Biblical Equality | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction

So, I quit Facebook

I have really liked Facebook. It's been a fun way to reconnect with old friends, but especially a good way to stay in touch with my friends and family who are scattered all over the globe. After all, having lived in as many places (30-some homes on 3 continents) as I have, it's never easy to keep in touch with friends.

In that sense, Facebook was great. But I've found that I can easily turn to Facebook when I want to take a quick study break, only to discover 30 minutes later (or longer) that my quick break hasn't been that quick, and that my thoughts have been completely interrupted.

So, I'm bidding Facebook a fond farewell.

Seeing that some people might be curious as to whether I've gotten my dream job or where in the world I end up next, whether my dissertation's complete etc., I will be more diligent again with keeping this blog up to date. Or such is the plan, at least.

I'm sure I'll miss the glimpse into the lives of my friends. Hopefully those who truly want to keep in touch will still do so in the more old-fashioned ways.

Adieu, Facebook! G'day, better time management... Our re-acquaintance is way overdue.

If you're an occasional follower of this blog, the easiest way to know when I've posted an update is to add a (free) subscription to Google Reader, or whichever RSS feader/system you prefer. As a gmail user, I just think most of Google's tools are pretty convenient and super easy to use.