Thursday, June 22, 2006

Off to Nairobi, again

Tomorrow morning early, I'm driving to Nairobi. My sister Liesl will be landing in Nairobi in the afternoon to do training in the city on Friday. I'm going to meet her for dinner, and on Friday when she's doing training, I'll be able to take care of business in the city--details for teams coming throughout the next few weeks.

It's about a 7-and-a-half hour drive (about 6 if you're in a matatu!) Now you know why I'm driving myself! When you're in a matatu, there are too many near-death experiences! Or so I think, in any case. It's not that I'm afraid to die. I'd just not prefer to die in a matatu accident. And so I'm driving.

On Friday night, Liesl and I will fly to Eldoret. My car will be spending the night at the mechanics, getting new front shocks. On Saturday night, we have to head back to Nairobi since Liesl flies home Sunday. I'll pick up my car on Saturday night and drive back on Monday.

It's a short trip for Liesl, but I'm delighted that she's able to come and see where I live, to meet the kids, especially! They're thrilled to meet one of my relatives. It's just really confusing to the kids that Liesl is younger than I, yet she's married and has two kids and I'm still single. Go figure! I told them that they shouldn't forget that I have 96 kids! They just laugh when I say that. But I know they love it that I call them my kids...


  1. How exciting!! Have fun with your sis!

  2. Nathaniel still considers himself one of your kids too! Do you have 96 kids there?! WOW! We miss you, Miss Adele!