Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Girls' Night

I've been wanting to host a girls' night at my place for some time now, inviting the oldest of our girls over. Since we have two girl interns (Christy and Rachel) here to help, I've asked them to make the arrangements for the event.

Seeing that the kids have Friday off, we decided to have the event tomorrow night (Thursday).

Each of the 11- and 12-year-old girls have been given a pink foam puzzle piece made by Christy and Rachel. If they put together the puzzle, the girls will see the verse from Ps 139 about being wonderfully and fearfully made. Putting together the puzzle will be one of the things we'll do tomorrow evening.

But here's the rest:
  • The girls have been asked to come in their PJs and bring their own pillows. (Since my home is small, we'll take out all the living room furniture earlier in the day.)
  • Instead of having to walk over here from the orphanage, they'll be asked to be ready at a certain time. That's when I'll show up with my car which will be decorated with pink foam flowers (thanks to Christy and Rachel). I'll drive them to my home (all of 100 meters!), where they'll be met by the interns. I'll return to the orphange for the second carload. There will be 14 guests.
  • To start the evening, the girls will play Twister. Then they'll do the puzzle activity.
  • The puzzle will lead into a talk by the interns about all the fun things about being a girl... We're planning on making the talk as fun as possible, and the moms said they don't want to come so that the girls will be free to ask questions. And knowing some of the girls, they will ask!
  • After the Q&A session, we'll have some fun! I'll be baking raspberry cupcakes, and the girls will have the chance to decorate their own cupcakes. And we'll have strawberry milk. (I found strawberry syrup in town today!)
  • Armed with snacks and drinks (we'll also have popcorn, though that won't be pink), we'll thank cozy down for a movie. We've told the moms that the girls will be home late.
Sound like fun? I bet it will be!

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