Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Gods Must be Crazy

This past Saturday, for movie time, one of the Kenyans suggested that the kids watch The Gods Must Be Crazy, an old (1980) movie from South Africa. I wasn't sure the kids would like it, but figured since most of the movie is narrated, the kids would at least be able to understand it.

It turns out that the kids loved the movie! Today, when I went to visit with the kids, they were telling me that they wanted to see the same movie next week! One girls' room even told me the movie in great detail, laughing like crazy. I have never seen these kids laugh so hard! In fact, I'm told that they laughed so hard during the movie that it scared some of the littler ones.

"When our mother comes home on Friday [from maternity leave]," Vitaline said, "we're going to tell her the whole movie!" It seems like they've been rehearsing scenes from it, and even some of the quietest ones are quick to reenact scenes from the movie. What fun!


  1. That's adorable! :)
    And yeah, I love that movie, too. :)

  2. Hmm... I wonder if they have that DVD in Blockbusters here...