Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Slip slidin' away...

Tonight, I went to see Victor Kiprop, a brand new little Kenyan baby. He's the son of Nelson and Dorcas, coworkers of mine. Victor was born at 3 am last night, and in order to see him and his mom, I had to drive to Dorcas' mom's home, not too far from here.

It was getting dark by the time I left, and I wanted to make it home before dark. I took the shortest road from where I was, thinking it's the smartest thing to do... What I didn't realize was that it had rained quite a bit while I was visiting, and the shortcut has some VERY bad spots, including ditches on the sides of the road.

When I hit the worst spot, I put my car in 4WD and moved ahead, until I started sliding and the car ended up almost 80 degrees diagonally to the road. It's a scary feeling seeing the ditches come closer. I thought, "My car's strong, but not strong enough to get out of a ditch!" And by now, it was pitch dark...

I prayed non-stop as I put the car in reverse, straightened out, and started through the mud again. "God, ONLY You can get me through this! Take the wheel..."

And I got through! Phew! Needless to say, I won't take that road again at night, nor after it had rained on and off for 3 nights! (The road was fine when I went to town. The last bout of rain really made things tough, though.)

As I pulled into our compound, I thanked God for brining me home safely. (In case you're wondering, I avoid driving at night simply because it's not a smart thing to do when you live out in the boonies like we do. So don't worry, such ventures aren't the norm for me.) I'm very, very thankful for a strong vehicle that was able to handle the mud well. There's no way I would've made it through that easily with one of our other vehicles. Yeah God, eh?

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