Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Here Comes the Bride...

When I went to the post office earlier this week to pick up a care package, I had to keep myself from laughing. Normally, Don Moen's worship music is played on the PA system in the post office. Someone must have decided they're tired of listening to Don Moen day in and day out, so they're now playing a new CD: Wedding marches! You can only imagine standing in line to buy stamps, and listening to "Here Comes the Bride...." on a pipe organ.

It's another of those "Only in Kenya" experiences. Though it wouldn't have surprised me to have a similar experience in Taiwan.


  1. I can relate! In Thailand you could hear Christmas carols over the PA systems anytime of the year, but Christmas in July being sung in Thaiglish was a bit too much... :) So, did you step to the counter in time with the music??

  2. In Taiwan, it's Christmas music all the way into May.