Friday, June 23, 2006


Yesterday, my sister arrived in Nairobi. She's presenting a workshop in the city today, so I drove to meet her. What fun to have her here! We went to dinner last night, and this morning, after she left for work, I set out to run errands: Arrange for the transport of my vehicle, drop off payments at travel agents for teams, drop off my car for a service. I'm able to take the car to Africa Inland Mission's Technical Assistance Missions workshop. They've serviced the vehicle the past 2 years, so they have all the records, which is nice. And they are reliable. In Eldoret, you don't always know what they're putting into or taking out of your engine...

The drive down to Nairobi was faster than the drive to Eldoret. It took just 5 hours to get to the city. That's a long time for just 320km, though. You'd understand if you saw the road. At least 3 hours are on terrible roads! I'm thankful for a car that's strong enough to handle these roads.

I'm now off to take care of a few more errands before meeting up with my sister for the journey to Eldoret so see can see my world. Her office sent tons of stuff for the kids. The kids are really excited about meeting a family member of mine.

I've mentioned before that Kenyans don't believe you should sleep alone. Single women often "borrow" a neighbor's kid to sleep with them. (Odd, I know!) One of the first things the girls said when they found my sister will be staying with me is, "Good! Then you won't sleep alone."

Liesl will only be in Eldoret for a day before having to head back to South Africa.

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