Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Precious sight!

Tonight, as I went over to read to some of the kids, I discovered that everyone from the West Wing was in the gazebo. This is unusual, since it was 8:30, and at that time, everyone's usually in their rooms, getting ready for bed.

When I opened the door to the gazebo, all the kids were on the floor, kneeling and praying for Mama Joshua who is in the hospital. I just stood there and soaked in the moment. What a beautiful sight!

When they were through praying, they were excited to see me there and wanted me to read to all of them, which made my job way easier! Usually, I read to one room at a time, so I got 4 rooms in one! Oh yeah! After reading, we talked about the story (The Rainbow Fish) and how they, too, could give away their beauty to others. They started mentioning how they could bless others by sharing the fruit of the Spirit, the Gospel, by helping others, and if one mentioned they could do so by loving others, at least 10 echoed that same thought. And they also mentioned they can bless others by praying for them, like they were doing...

It's times like thos that I wish you could be right here to appreciate the moment!

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