Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I haven’t yet found a way to like them. I don’t quiet understand why God made them. Them and mosquitoes and ticks. But I can hide from the mosquitoes by sleeping under a net. And I can look for ticks. But as I’m sitting here on my bed, I’m watching a big rat as it’s watching me! It’s trapped between the plastic sheeting of the hut I’m in and the grass thatching. It’s bigger than my fist is wide. I don’t have any food out, so it’s not coming for that. It just lives here, and I’ve been hearing it every night. But tonight’s the first time I’ve actually seen it. I’m trying to rat-proof my own house as well as I can, having Tobias (contractor dude) fill any openings where unwanted guests (including mosquitoes) can possibly come in. I know, I know, it’s just part of life out here. But it doesn’t mean I have to get used to it. Or like it. Period.


  1. rats!!! that's rough! :( would rat poison take care of them??

  2. When you use rat poison, the rodents die and you can't find them. Hence, "I smell a rat!"

    I'll bring Duchess over to see if she can catch it. Apparantly she's a master at catching anything with a long tail. Except other cats and dogs, of course.