Friday, May 25, 2007

Point in case

You may have thought that I was exaggerating in yesterday's post. Not quite. When I got back from the children's home office around 7 tonight, I discovered that there was indeed some level of water pressure in my house tonight. I immediately jumped into the shower. But every so often, the pressure would go way down to a trickle. My electric shower works with water pressure. Too little pressure and there's no heat. But with just a little pressure, the water is scalding hot! The only way you can get it to cool down is to turn on the water to pass through the heater faster. But without water pressure, that's an impossible task. I'd turn off the water for a while, turn it on again to get at least some water. Ah, the joys of living in rural Kenya. Just as I was halfway done washing my hair, bam! the lights went out. So, no electricity. Just a trickle of water. Enough to get the shampoo out of my hair. I'm sure by now you can't wait to come and experience this for yourself. It truly is an experiment in patience. Our friends at Kenya Power promised that power will be back soon. They're just doing maintenance on a nearby line. And they kept their promise. Moments ago, after an hour of reading by gas lamp, power came back on. I love Kenya Power. Even the crickets outside are singing songs about how great Kenya Power is. Or so I think, at least. They might simply be enjoying the cool air.

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