Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sad news . . .

After having had dinner guest over, I went to visit with the directors at the children's home. (Unlike in Ilula, I don't usually spend time over at the Kipkaren Children's Home at night.) While visiting, I enquired about whether or not they've seen the kittens over there the past few days. (Last I saw Duchess was on Friday night, and Nuru was last seen last Wednesday.) Alas, the kittens haven't been at the children's home. Heading back, I asked Cosmas (the night watchman) if he's seen them. He says that he last saw the dogs chasing one of them at night some days ago, and when he got to where they went, "the cat it was gone." As in mauled. "When these dogs chase," Cosmas explained, "they are serious. Especially at night."

Ugh. I don't think I've prayed for kittens before, especially not for them to be raised from the dead, but I'm truly praying that Duchess and Nuru will just miraculously show up soon. I'm praying that they're just on a little safari in the bush.

The kittens do my heart well. They are both incredibly affectionate (and very clean). I'm really praying that the cat Cosmas saw being chased is another one from the area...


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