Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Morning

It’s early. Very early. But I’m wide awake, thanks to a mosquito. I’ll take the opportunity to opportunity to spend time with God after this, but thought I’d jot down some thoughts first.

This evening, I provided at least one mosquito with a meal of mzungu blood. Thing is, I didn’t sleep under my net, because my net is not yet up. I will hang it this afternoon, after my bed is in my house. Yip, that means I slept in my new place for the first time last night. The place is mostly done. There are still some finishing touches to be done to the bathroom (add last few tiles, do white grout, paint and mount the door), and some minor other things (fill in all the gaps where rats can get into the ceiling, mount towel rod etc), then the place is done. Patrick is still working on furniture, so my stuff’s just in piles on my floor…

This morning, I have to go and take some photos at the school during assembly. School starts at 6:30 am, so it’s pretty early! My plan is to get a bit of an aerial view, so I’d have to take my car over so I can get on the roof for the shots.

It’d be mid morning by the time get to post this entry, so I should be able to upload the shots from the photo shoot, too. I hope they turn out nicely.

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