Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spinach quiche . . . and an update on my house

Since I'm living like a backpacker, sort of, with stuff all over in boxes in Kipkaren, it's been challenging to cook meals. I've bummed several dinners from my neighbors, and decided it's about time that I cook a decent meal for them. So, tonight, I made a spinach quiche. I really chuckled, wishing there could be a hidden camera as I was trying to make the quiche but not having the right utensils and pots at hand. It worked, nevertheless. In fact, it turned out pretty good! Doing the dishes by the light of my headlamp while standing on a bag of cement was quite a picture, though.

I'm heading to my (temporary) hut. But before I call it the day, here's where things are standing in my house:
1. The living area has been painted. All the ceilings have one coat of nice, white paint, too. The place already looks bigger because of that!
2. The floors have little pock marks everywhere since the tiles are being put in tomorrow.
3. The window is in. As in, one of the tiny windows were taken out and a window at least 5 times the size was put in to let in more light. So actually, it's just the frame of the new window that's in.
4. In the meantime, Patrick (carpenter) has finished my bookshelf and the corner shelf for my room. I believe he'll do the kitchen shelves tomorrow, and then the bed. (I can use a training center bed in the meantime.)

Tomorrow, the lights get put in. The painting will be finished. And much of the tiling will be done. The goal is for me to move in by Saturday. Or, at least, clean by Saturday and move in by Sunday. No more camping out! :)

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