Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ruby Tuesday

...as in, the opposite of Blue Monday. It's a gorgeous day. I've been up since early. Spent time praying with neighbor Jen this morning very early. That did my soul well. Had no power for a while due to wires being replaced in the center, so I worked on getting furniture into the house. Right now, it's raining. It rained quite a bit the past couple of days, which is good. The crops need the rains.

Speaking of crops, some of the interns from the agricultural program made double-dug beds for me yesterday. That is, they made beds for my vegetable garden by digging the soil at least 2 ft deep and tilling all the soil. I have three beds ready for seeds. I'm planning on planting baby spinach, romaine lettuce, sweet peppers and some herbs.

Here's how things are looking at my place right now. It's starting to look more and more like a little home.

This is my bedroom. The curtains still need to be made, so the Kikoi tucked into the burglar bars is just temporary. I'm still trying to figure out how to get a little dresser into the room, too...
The living room area. The Action Packer and stuff on the right will be gone soon and replaced by a small, square dining room table. Patrick's painting it right now. Next, he'll do some shelving for the kitchen. As I'm typing, the plumber is fixing my bathroom. Or so I think, at least.

OK, lunch break's over. Back to work to the sound of thunder and the rain pounding on the iron sheet roof. Ah, I love the African rains.

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  1. Good Morning from Valrico, FL - that's right outside of Tampa - saw your comment on the Beth Moore site and read your blogs. Just wondered where in Kenya you are located. My husband has been part of a team to Kenya for the past three years, and is readying to head over again in July - Bell Shoals Baptist Church - they usually work out of Kisumu, Bondo,and Siaya. Really interested to find out where you are and what you are doing, who you are working with, etc. David is just waiting to retire so that he can spend more time in Africa. May this be a blessed day for you! Kathy