Sunday, April 01, 2007

In Memory of Barra Barra

My pet chameleon has passed away. How, I don't know. I just got a message from the family who took care of him, saying, "Barabara was replaced by another one after it developed some health problems."

That's it. Nothing more. I can't help but wonder what caused his death. But I won't ask too many questions. I don't want to make my petsitting friend feel worse.

Barra Barra was probably the easiest pet I had ever had. Didn't shed. Didn't cause allergies. Didn't cost me a thing. He was a great conversation piece, and a master flycatcher. He could zip his tongue out faster than any creature I had ever seen. And then reel it in just as fast. He kept my house free of flies.

I'm not sure how I feel about the new chameleon. It's most likely one that's been living in the bottlebrush tree by my front door for the past year. Will have to see if he's as tame as Barra Barra had become.

Such is life.

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  1. oh thats so sad! i actually gasped a little. RIP barabara =(