Monday, April 09, 2007

Heading out

I'm at the Eastern Iowa Airport, where everyone seems to walk a little bit taller today with pride for Zach winning. (Those of you who don't know who Zach Johnson is, he won the Master's yesterday. That's golf. And he's from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.) I love how open he was yesterday about his faith and giving Jesus Christ all the glory for his victory.

OK, so enough about golf. I'm sitting at the gate, waiting to board. We now have free, wireless Internet access here, so I'm posting a final update.

This has probably been one of the least stressful departures I've ever had. By Saturday afternoon, I had my bags packed and by the door. On Easter Sunday, after getting back from dinner at the Meyers' home, I put my bags in the car. Went to Sara Howard's home for some apple pie, then stopped by Pam's place to say good-bye. (Jodee came over in her PJs to visit, too. Nice thing about neighbors.)

By this morning, I could just throw my sheets in the wash, say good-bye to the pets, and head to the airport.

The benefit of flying out of a ssmall airport, they don't even weigh the bags. So though I meticulously packed to be within the 50lbs limit, I threw in some books from my backbreaking carry-on at the last moment.

OK, I've GOT TO board. The line's getting short.


  1. We look forward to hearing you made it safely, Adele. Our girls are praying for you every night right now for your transition back into the culture and ministry. I personally wished I could have said good-bye (I was hoping to see you Easter Sunday), but I look forward to keeping up to date here.

  2. i hope you had a safe trip back! please send my love to all those i love in ilula!