Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Faith of Children

The kids have been asking for a year to see the Jesus film again. Today, they showed up with excitement that filled the dining hall. All was well until the first time someone hit Jesus. The entire group let out a gasp. Every time they saw Jesus being mistreated, they cowered, little Faith covering her head and tears welling up.

Afterwards, I asked the kids to gather in groups of 3 or 4 to pray together and thank Jesus for what he has done for us. It was moving to see almost 100 kids praying fervently!

I have been visiting with the parents about their vision for the kids and how they hope to accomplish their dreams for the children. Wondering if it's the best thing to show the kids movies, the parents immediately explained how teachers at the school have been commenting on the kids' creativity.

"It is good for the children to see how others talk, how they handle situations," Nelson told me this morning. One of his boys, Hillary, had been chosen to not only attend a World Vision Youth Camp at the end of this month, but to be on the Youth Planning Committee for the camp. He also explained how, during the recent Guardians' Day, Hillary gave an impromptu speech, exhorting guardians to take good care of other children under their care. "Even grown men were wiping tears after Hillary's speech," Nelson said proudly.

The kids know I'll be leaving for Kipkaren tomorrow. It's interesting to see how they compare themselves with their friends in Kipkaren. They want to know if those kids will also get Peeps. (Yes, they will.) Will they also see movies? (No, they won't.) When exactly will I be back? Why do I have to go? Where will I live?

Oh, the never-ending stream of questions... I love their curiosity, though. It makes me smile.

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