Thursday, April 12, 2007

Home, sweet home

I'll tell more about it all tomorrow, but I just wanted to say, I'm home. It was 54 hours from when I left home in Iowa till I walked into my home tonight after dinner. I lit a bunch of candles to get the smell of insect killer out (the person who cleaned the house must've emptied out a can on spiders...) and started unpacking. I'm about halfway done but can longer think straight.

It was pure delight to step out of the minibus tonight and go and hug every child. There was a team with me (they were supposed to be en route to Sudan but their trip is delayed till Friday) so I couldn't spend a lot of time hugging each kid, but afterwards, they all came and hugged me and told me things like,
Adele, I have my own kinyonga, Adele! (that's a chameleon)
Adele, did you bring the Jesus movie?
When will we see a movie? Tonight?
Adele, we really missed you.
Adele, will you give me the keys for your car so I can drive? (Yeah, right!)
Did you see my sponsor in America?
Will you read to us tonight?
How is your family?
We received your letters, Adele. Did you receive ours?
When will you come to visit us, Adele?

Some snuck back in line for another hug and grinned from ear to ear when I noticed! Others grinned just as big when I noticed their new "big kid teeth" all grown into a beautiful smile, or how much taller some have become.

Can't wait to hang out with them in the morning.

But right now, I need to call it the day and head to bed. During my travels, I slept very, very little. I am praying I won't wake up at an odd hour with jetlag.

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