Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Mad dash

I never knew one could drive so fast on these gravel roads... There was a miscommunication regarding who was supposed to take one of our guests to the airport this afternoon. I was sitting in my home, working hard at writing stories about recovered alcoholics, when it hit me, it's 5 pm, and Jervaun hasn't come to say good-bye yet. I stepped out of the house to find her and the rest of the team waiting patiently by my car.

"We really have to go!" I told them as we hopped in. There was no time to go and say good-bye to anyone. "Just call Don on my phone and say good-bye. You'll see him in California this weekend."

I drove as fast as was safe while calling my friends at the Aero Kenya desk. "Trier is coming," I told Chacha. "Don't give away her seat!" By the time she left the check-in counter, she walked straight through the boarding gate and onto the plane with NO time to spare! Yikes.

We drove home at a normal pace. Normal for Eldoret rush hour, at least. After dinner, Tim, Tammy and Ellie visited with Samuel, Don and the Ronos about what they've learned the past week or so. Then the three stopped by my house for a short visit.

By the time they left, I could start with my work for the day. Or my computer work, at least. I've been working all day, taking them to the Rehab Center, interviewing some of the men in our program etc etc.

It's close to 2 am. Tomorrow's another full day. I should get some decent rest. I'll post a link to some photos in a separate entry.

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