Friday, April 13, 2007


I'm drenched. When I set out earlier this evening to make the rounds, greeting people whom I hadn't yet visited, I didn't notice any clouds. But I should know better. The rainy season has started, and though it hadn't yet rained much here, people have been praying for rain as they've started planting their crops.

Anyway, I first stopped by the Teimuges' home. Despite the fact that I had already had dinner at my home, I was invited to eat again. It's impolite to decline, so I had just a little slice of ugali and black nightshade (like very strong spinach). And a cup of chai, of course. Then I headed out to read to the East Side kids. (I had read to the West last night.)

The kids raved about the peeps again and wanted to make double sure we'll get to see the story of Jesus tomorrow. They had seen the Jesus Film for Kids in December 05 and have been asking about it ever since! No-one knew where the DVD was, so I purchased a new copy in the US. You should see how excited the kids are that they'll see the story of Jesus again! It's amazing! But they're also already asking what they'll be seeing next week. We'll see. Perhaps Charlotte's Web.

Anyway, while I was reading, it started raining harder and harder. I walked home as fast as I could in the dark (no moon, no flashlight).

It really is good to be back. I'm so trying to focus on all the things I had decided during my "recompression time." I've not gotten much work done yet, but that doesn't matter. The driving value in Kenyan culture is relationships. I can do my job well, but unless I spend quality time visiting with people--even having a second dinner if need be--my labors would be in vain.

Please pray that I'll get over jet lag really quickly. I slept very well my first night, probably because I was so sleep depraved by the time I got home. Last night, I finally fell asleep around 5:30! I'm ready to head to bed soon, though, hoping for a better night's rest.

Lala salama, friends. Sleep peacefully.

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