Monday, April 16, 2007

Greetings from Kipkaren

I'm in Kipkaren, my new second home. The kids welcomed me this afternoon in the pouring rain. Almost all the regulars were gone for the day, so I headed to my temporary room (I was later brought to my house) and then went to visit with people at the children's home as well as with my neighbors, the Davis family.

Their kitten, Duchess, had in the meantime adopted me. She followed me around like a shadow, and the Davises already agreed that we can borrow her so she can catch rodents at my place. (I know, the rodents idea sounds terrible, but it's more of a reality out here.) Plus I know she'll just come and visit sometimes.

I finally made myself at home in the gazebo by my house, overlooking the Kipkaren River, where I started working on The Patriarchs study. When David Tarus, Allison and some visitors came, and I took the visitors to see the bridge ELI had built years ago. Visited with the guests over dinner and then headed to my new home.

I am looking forward to connecting with a
contractor tomorrow so we can make the place my own. I'll definitely paint the ceiling white to get the place lighter. I may want to fill in all the holes with cement so no rodents can come in, and have outlets put in. We're supposed to get electricity by the end of this month. Right now, we have solar power for part of the evening.

Lots of work to be done, but at least I don't have to build an entire house, for which I'm grateful. And I'm especially thankful to move into a place where there's an indoor bathroom and kitchen. This was an unexpected blessing.

Tomorrow morning, I hope to head to prayer rock for my time with God (if it doesn't rain--else I'll be in the gazebo). Then head back for a quick shower, breakfast with the team, staff meeting, and then I'll be going to visit some pastors in the area.

As I'm sitting here writing, I can hear lots and lots of crickets, frogs, and the odd night bird. The bird life in this area is amazing! I've already noticed a number of birds I had never seen here before, and can't wait to look them up when I get my hands on my "Birds of East Africa" book.

Speaking of birds, I've decided to show the kids at Ilula a picture of one or two birds prior to every movie we see, and see if they can tell me what kind of bird it is. I'd love to create in them an awareness of the prolific bird life around them. Who knows, perhaps some of them will grow up to be wardens with Kenya Wildlife Services!

On that note, I'm heading to bed. I've been fighting jet lag and hope I can finally get a good night's rest.

Click here to see more pictures of my new place in Kipkaren.

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  1. adele... i've enjoyed reading all your entries since your return back. makes me miss the kid so much and tear up thinking about them =( please give them ALL a BIG HUG for me and tell them how much i love them and miss them!