Sunday, July 16, 2006

Paint Job

This week, I got permission to paint our office in town. The place hasn't been painted in years, and sees a lot of traffic. I felt it would reflect better on the ministry to get a fresh coat of paint in there, and it would boost the moral of the staff who spend their days in the small 4-room office.

One would think four rooms (and a corridor) wouldn't take too long to paint. However, there are lots of windows and shelves and odd corners, so it took 3 interns, 2 Kenyans and myself ALL day to paint! We were there from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm! But the place looks wonderful.

I got two shades of green for the main offices, and two shades of brown for the entryway and the board room. And we moved the furniture as to make better use of space. I'm looking forward to hearing their response. Some of the staff stopped by during the day to encourage us and we thrilled to see the changes.

I'll post pictures once I get them from Christy (intern). I didn't have my camera with me today.

I'm wiped out. Tomorrow's another big day as I have to go and take pictures of the orphans at our other center. I'm looking forward to seeing those kids again.

Off to sleep....

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