Sunday, July 30, 2006


I'm off to read a new book to the kids, one I got in the mail from a friend this week. The book is called Chrysanthemum, and I'm sure the girls will especially enjoy it!

I'm downing a cup of protein shake as I'm writing. Don't get a lot of protein here since I don't each much meat, and some days I really crave protein! I have protein shake and add some of that to soy milk and fresh fruit and blend it with a hand blender. Voila! The best shakes this side of the world, I think.

I've been asked to help transport new kids to the orphanage in Kipkaren tomorrow. I'm leaving home just after 6 am to pick up one colleague, then make the journey out to the other center. I know it will once again be a moving experience, and a life-changing day for those kids. Please pray for them!

Off to read to the kiddos.

I'm back. Here's a picture of the Rutto girls with the book I read to them.
Winsam (second from the left) was especially tickled by the fact that her name was in the book (winsome),
and that she discovered that it meant beautiful...

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