Saturday, July 15, 2006

Friday night

It's late. Just had a farewell for Jared, an intern. Drove a visiting team and interns around all day, but had some meaningful time at lunch with them all. Then we had an official opening ceremony for our basketball court that Jared built. I'm not a basketball fan, so I had fun handing out watermelon, and the best was pouring watermelon juice directly into some of the kids' mouths from a huge sufuria (pot) afterwards... Oh, the things that entertain me!

Tomorrow, the three other interns and I will be painting our office in town. I don't know when last it has been painted, and it's screaming for some color and clean walls. Then I'm taking Jared to the airport, and Sunday I'm heading out early to return 2 interns to our other center and go and take individual photos of our new orphans.

This past week had some very tough moments regarding cross-cultural communication issues. I'm glad the week is over...

A busy week's lying ahead: On Tuesday, the current team is leaving, another team is staying just for a day en route to Kipkaren, and we're receiving a new intern, Laura. I've known Laura for a few years (from APU), so I'm looking forward to having another familiar face around.

I'm off to bed. See you all in Dreamland.

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