Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Crazy days

It's the time of year when teams come and go and I have to make sure all the ducks are in a row for all their transport, connections, luggage, meals and so on. It's a fun challenge--though fun isn't probably the right word when a piece of luggage gets left behind, a ticket gets thrown away, or three different teams are in three different places on the same day and calling me about details. Especially not when I'm in the middle to finishing paint projects! :)

So, yesterday, one team painted our alcohol & drug rehab center after playing soccer with the men who are currently being rehabilitated. Today, Christy (intern) and I returned to paint the ELI logo on the wall. Yesterday, she and I painted the logo on the wall in the office, too. It's been a good project! We joke about our "paint-and-run" business since things have been so crazy with teams that I have been literally just going in, painting, and heading right out to the next thing. It's a good change of pace, though.

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