Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Charcoal-singed milk

Today, the interns and I were invited to lunch at Julius' home. Julius is ELI's new Director of Operations, and a wonderful asset to our ministry.

We had a great time visiting, asking about his family and life. Kenyans appreciate home visits tremendously, and we were blessed to be able to be invited to his home.

Lunch was wonderful: millet ugali, squash, beans and spinach. Then came the best: Julius pours a cup of fresh milk and then stirs it with a smoldering stick! I politely tried one sip of the milk, but couldn't get myself to drink more. The charcoal floating on the milk and the charcoal taste was just too much for me...

The company was wonderful, though. I have great respect for Julius and his family, and enjoy working with him. I just couldn't make myself drink that milk.

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