Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Update from South Africa

I've been following the news in Kenya as closely as is possible with limited Internet access. Things aren't looking up. I am anxious to be back in Kenya to do the work God has called me to do. However, at this stage, it is burdensome for our Kenyan leaders to have more wazungus around that they have to be responsible for... And so I will continue working from South Africa until I get the green light.

I've posted a number of updates on the ELI blog today. Please be sure to read those and pray for Kenya. Today and the next 3 days are critical days! Parliament opens today, and the opposition have called for 3 days of protests from tomorrow till Friday.

Please pray that God will give the ELI directors wisdom in how to deal with the situations in their communities. News is starting to come of staff having lost loved ones brutally, of friends who lost their property, of distrust in the communities... I do not believe it is God's will that hundreds are dying innocently, and hundreds of thousands being displaced. I do not believe that it's his will that patients who've been receiving treatment for HIV/AIDS should risk growing resistant to drugs due to not having access to their anti-retroviral treatments.

Please pray that God will bring beauty from the ashes in Kenya! (Isaiah 61:3)

On a personal note...
I got to spend all day with Anja yesterday. She came down with a fever on Sunday evening, and since Liesl (my sister) was back at work yesterday, I took Anja to see the doctor. She wasn't up for going to daycare yet, so she slept all day while I was working. Today, she seems her normal self. She came bouncing into my room this morning to give me a huge hug and a kiss, and to say she's off to Bambi again.

Today, I'm working from the university library. It's strange to see how much my university has changed. I have crazy memories from here! Good crazy, that is.

I won't have much Internet access for the next 3 days as I'll be seeing a missionary friend in Mpumalanga. I hope to spend much time in prayer for Kenya during this short breakaway.

From a sunny Pretoria, it's back to work for me!


  1. I just posted a link on my blog where you can check or report local happenings related to rioting. There is a google map...you may know about it already.

    I also have been posting your prayer requests this week and am praying for you.


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  3. Heart-breaking, isn't it? But thanks again for keeping us updated. And give sweet Anja a hug for me. :)