Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Some news from Kipkaren

I got a text message from Michelle in Kipkaren today. It seems like things are slowly returning to normal in Kenya, though there is still a lot of tension in the air.

When Michelle and others were driving to Eldoret today, they were saddened to see the destruction along the way. About half of Turbo—the nearest town on our way to Eldoret (about 7 miles from the center)—had been burned down, including the gas station. I am waiting to hear if the AIDS clinic where we take all the patients in our home-based care program, sustained any damage. I am praying that it was safe. It’s a stone’s throw from the torched gas station.

There's still no Internet connection in Kipkaren or Ilula, so news is coming forth very sporadically.

Good news is that tomorrow's march has been called off! That's a huge item of praise.

Please also join us in praying that God would bring beauty out of the ashes and chaos in Kenya!

At this stage, international papers are reporting that 360 people had passed away since December 29. Kenyan papers report around 600, and hundreds of thousands of people have been internally displaced. You can read more on Daniel's blog.

As you can imagine, I am eager to get back to Kenya! However, I must still wait to get clearance from the Kenyan board since people are still being deported en masse from Eldoret...

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