Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Latest

I wrote a quick update on the ELI blog regarding things in Kenya.

As for life in South Africa: I've been trying to use this time to get ahead on my studies. The only problem is that I was realistic in how many books to bring on vacation, so I'm about to finish the only text book I brought. I'll visit the university library tomorrow and hear if they'd let me study there and check out another text. It'd be OK just to sit there and work. Like way back when, when I had to spend hours cramming for exams. (I was not a very diligent student as an undergrad...)

Other than that, I've been enjoying the blessing of spending extra time with my goddaughters as well as catching up with friends I rarely get to see during quick visits to South Africa. I'm thankful to be "stuck" in SA rather than being in a country where I have to be concerned about visas or housing.

School started today for the girls. Clara is in Grade 2 and was thrilled to go to a new school today. I'm praying that she'll come home with news of making friends... The adjustment to life in a new school can be hard, sometimes! Same with Anja, though changing daycare isn't quite as big an adjustment for a 2-year-old. She seemed really happy with her new teacher when we went to meet her yesterday and even gave her a huge hug, so things should be fine. She was especially excited about all the toys at her new school.

OK, back to work. It's raining outside; has been raining all morning. So it's a perfect day to study. Just heading out for a quick cup of tea with the parents of a friend of mine who's a missionary in Sri Lanka. Then, back to the books.

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  1. The girls are SOOOOOO cute!! And wow, they definitely look related to you. :)