Thursday, January 24, 2008

Facebook Family Reunion, and Going Home

The downside of having lived abroad for the past 13 years is that I don't see my extended family much. I'm usually only in the country for short periods of time, so my immediate family and close friends are usually the ones I try to see.

Recently, however, I reconnected with some of my second cousins (who I last saw in 1989, when they were little kids) on Facebook. And so the other night, four of them came to my sister's house for desert. (Unfortunately the photo's a bit blurred, but that's is my sister in the back, then me, Tielman, and in the front Elza, Lizette and Nettie.)

It was a fun time of reminiscing about family stuff, especially about my grandma (their great-grandmother). Good memories! My sister gave me some old family photos, and I chuckled at this one of my ouma. She's on the far left, posing with her sisters. Look behind them. My brother is chuckling and I'm the one sitting on the ground. I actually remember this particular day. It's the last time we saw all my ouma's sisters together. (By now, they've all passed on.)

I'm wrapping up last tasks these two days, and flying out on Saturday. I look forward to posting updates from Kenya! I'll land in Nairobi around 3 pm, but will have to spend the night there since a connecting flight to Eldoret would only have me in town by 7 pm, making it too dangerous to drive back to the village. Flying on Sunday would also be better since I can stop in town to stock up on groceries. Lots of it, since it's still hard to get to town past all the (non-police) road blocks.

I'd appreciate your continued prayers for true peace in Kenya. Things are still pretty bad there, though it's safe enough to return.

I'll keep up-to-date on life in Kenya.


  1. Adele! I'm so glad you're getting to come back out here. I was thinking about you when I heard about all the stuff going down in Eldoret. I'm glad you're safe, and I hope your friends are, too.

    Anyway, let me know if you're staying at Mayfield on Saturday night. I'll be here--another turn in the shoulder injury saga!--and would love to get some coffee or something.

    See you soon, I hope!

  2. I'm happy you are getting to go back!


  3. Neat pictures. :) Glad you got some more family time in before going back!