Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Culture Shock

I'm at my sister Liesl's house, soaking in every moment with my nieces. We had a fun day at the Vaaldam. (Americans would call it a lake, I guess.) Went fishing, took a boat out on the dam and had a good time visiting with family (actually, my brother-in-law's family). Decided to enjoy a barbeque (South African "braai") at home with the kids and watch a New Year's concert on television. It's the top 24 Afrikaans artists. I recognized only ONE. OK, if you include a boy's choir that performed, make it two. But I didn't know any of the other artists. And I don't regret it. In fact, it's been a shock to watch most of the artists. Wow. I simply cannot relate. I'm having culture shock. Big time.

It's about 10:30, and I'm ready to head to bed. Clara's fast asleep. Anja's wide awake since she slept the entire 2-hour drive from Vaaldam. She doesn't quite grasp the idea of New Year's yet. Clara, on the other hand, had been announcing all evening, "This is the last time I'm taking a bath this year. I'm not going to eat again this year." And so on and so forth. Like only a 7-year-old can do. But I love 'em, nevertheless. Lots and lots.

It's been an amazing joy and blessing spending time with these two nieces as well as with my brother's kids. That's one of the hardest things of living so far - not seeing nephew and nieces grow up.

On this note, a happy New Year to you and yours. By the time the clock strikes 12 over in the US, I'll already be up on this side, ready for another fun day with family and friends.

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  1. Awwww :)

    Happy new year!!

    And you know, ironically, I think I've actually seen my nephews *less* often since moving back to the States than I did when I lived in Taiwan! (They are about 1000 miles away so I guess that has something to do with it.)