Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Staying in South Africa

I received news today that things aren't looking good at all in Kenya. Not at all. The news doesn't portray things so badly because the government is now controlling news. Here's a eye-opening article written by a missionary in Kitale, a city close to my home in Kipkaren. Seriously, till I read his account of how things are, I didn't realize the extent. I had been told that even around our base in Ilula, homes have been burned down. Last night, 80 people stayed at our base, seeking refuge. People are starting to run out of food and water. According to The Standard, 24 people have been killed in Eldoret. Violence is focused on the Kikuyu, the ruling tribe. Busses are stopped and Kikuyus are pulled from them and attacked.

I've been asked to stay in South Africa until things have calmed down. All teams for January have been cancelled.

Please pray for peace in Kenya! Please pray for safety for our children, especially. Please pray that food supplies will miraculously last at our children's homes and at our bases even as people have come to seek refuge. Please pray that we'll continue to be able to receive news. According to Daniel's blog, (he's the guy who lives in Kitale), communication with the outside world is gradually being cut off. He and others are trying to flee to Uganda.

I will try and call my directors in Kenya this afternoon to hear how things are at Kipkaren and Ilula. Please, please pray for peace in Kenya.


  1. Praise God for His grace to you, Adele. We are also out of the country. God led us to get out 2 weeks ago even when everything seemed peaceful and no one predicted. But His leading was so strong that we didn't doubt it. So we went. We honestly thought this was going to be a smooth election and that we would look back and wonder why He told us to get out. We pray that today is a better day in Kenya. We have gotten a text message this morning from Kitale saying that so far today - NO gun shots have been heard. The message yesterday said that Eldoret was the worst hit, other than Kisumu and Nairobi. I pray for the children.

    I have posted 3 updates from a man named Daniel who used to live in Eldoret for 2 years. He got caught in the midst of riots. His first-hand account is here: www.heatheronthenet.com

  2. Sorry - I posted under my husband's name. But it's me: Heather :). Daniel lives in Kitale now and works with a woman named Meredith. She also moved to Kitale from Eldoret. Maybe you know them?

  3. Adele, you don't know me but I read your blog. I grew up in Kenya and am so sad to see what is happening. Praying for the kids you work with and for Kenya.

  4. Wow, scary! I am praying. I'd been following, but it's good to get the inside scoop. Would you mind me directing other friends to your blog for info?