Saturday, January 05, 2008

News from Kenya!

I've posted updates from Ilula on the ELI blogs. Please read Don's updates here, and news from Laban here.

Yesterday, Don, Amy and their kids were able to be airlifted by MAF. Getting out of Ilula was a challenge, and they are staying in Nairobi now, not able to change their flight home. They were able to buy $1000's food in the city yesterday and MAF did food drops at both our children's homes as they have been running out of food supplies and no shops in the Eldoret area have been open. (When they do open, there are lines up to almost a mile long as people are trying to stock up!)

Though some of the news I've read today talk of the possibility of another election in 3 months, nothing is certain yet. Things seem to have calmed down significantly in the city, but the conditions are still very volatile.

Please, please pray for peace!

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