Thursday, October 12, 2006

Random Facts

  • I love life.
  • The last time I was taken up in the hospital was 29 years ago, to have my appendix removed.
  • I have driver's licences in three countries, hoping to get my fourth soon.
  • I have been to as many countries as I am old.
  • I had a ticket to be on the Singapore Air flight that crashed into a bulldozer in Taipei. I had, however, changed my travel arrangements 2 days prior and was already in the US by the time that airplane went up in flames.
  • I don't play any musical instruments.
  • I love singing with others.
  • I used to live in a house with a person whose job it was to play Bell in the Disney Parade. She also had a princess party business, so on Saturdays, I'd walk into the living room and find Cinderally walzing with a prince.
  • I loose my appetite when people around me have bad table manners.
  • I have no middle name.
  • I've never been part of a singles group.
  • I have good friends in every region of the world except South America.
  • I like making lists.
  • I've survived a cyclone, several major typhoons, and innumerable earthquakes, the biggest being Taiwan's 7.2 quake on 9/21/01.
  • I've been making this list in between getting tasks checked off my to-do list.

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