Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A long yet invigorating day

Today, I took Micah to a nearby lake so we could talk about ideas for ELI's communications in an inspiring environment. While out and about, Micah took some amazing pictures. I'm learning so much from watching him and asking questions. I'm excited to see how we can work together to create communication pieces to serve the needs of ELI and glorify God!

I took this picture of him taking a picture right before we headed home, arriving just in time to welcome Rachel, our newest intern at Ilula.

Tomorrow, I'll be leaving for a 3-day retreat for ELI leadership, so there won't be any posts from me until the end of the week.

P.S. I just walked out my door to put something on my front porch. Wish you could see the African sky tonight. Even early this evening, it was covered with stars. Now, at close to midnight, the milky way is a thick line through the sky, surrounded by thousands upon thousands of stars. There's no moon, hence the incredible sight.

Ah! We serve a BIG God! May I never cease to marvel at his creation. May I always live in an awareness of the beauty around me.


  1. Yay a new intern!!! Are you excited? You'll get to have another woman around?!

  2. by the way that picture is INCREDIBLE!!


  3. I'll be gone at the retreat this week, and working at checking off all the items on my infamous pre-departure to-do list, which seems to be getting longer rather than shorter. So I won't have much time to spend with Rachel, but it's always good to have another girl around.

    Thanks for the compliment on the photo.

  4. Have fun on the retreat Adele! I hope you enjoy the company of others as well.