Friday, October 13, 2006


I don't like working alone.

Don is here, as is Micah. I'm excited to see what communications ideas we'll come up with in the next few weeks. I'm honored to work on a team with Micah and eager to learn much from him! He's an incredible photographer and designer that recently signed on with ELI in the US. He also signed on as contributing photographer for AP and Getty Images. We'll be spending time coming up with a communications plan for ELI, but I'm also simply looking forward to learning from watching him.

Other than being excited to work alongside a professional photographer, I love that we'll be working as a TEAM. I am such a strong believer in teamwork, and by nature my job here is very much alone work. Though I certainly work in connection with my Kenyan colleagues, I miss being part of a close team who do not only dream up ideas together but work together to fulfill those dreams. With Micah coming on board, that will once again be a reality in my job.

And that, my friends, excites me.


  1. I'm looking at Micah's website and those photos are amazing!! I'm excited you will be able to work with him as well, and look forward to seeing the communications plan you'll come up with for ELI! :-)

  2. just read Micah's biography... WOW!