Friday, October 13, 2006


My personal mailbox is empty.
As in, not a single message there.
That's a good thing, really.
I've not been able to answer all my gmail
in too many months.
Yes, yes, my work box was emptied out
twice in the last few months.
It'll be emptied again tomorrow.
It has to be.
Because that's how I like to work.
But for now, I'm thankful that
I was able to answer/follow up on
all 60 messages
that were in my personal inbox.
Don't ask me how the rest of my to-do list
is coming along...
It's coming.
I was able to check off 9 major items
from that list today.
And no, emptying my inbox
wasn't even one of those 9.
I should put it on the list
just so I can check it off.
Of course I also did other things
that weren't on the list,
like go read to the kids tonight.
Or to some of them, at least.
I read to two girls' rooms.
In one room 3 girls were sick,
so I prayed for them, too.
I love spending time with the kids.
I always leave there
with a smile in my heart.
And it doesn't even matter
that they're not on my lists.
Loving them isn't a task.
It's pure pleasure.

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