Thursday, October 05, 2006

Quick Update

This morning, we left for Kipkaren just after 6 am so the team could go set up their eye clinic at our Cheboiwa clinic. They saw MANY patients, most of whom had been referred by an optometrist who had left just a week ago. I took my computer and worked when I could, but also assisted with dispensing sunglasses and being the gopher.

I've had a wonderful time with the team. They're a delight, and I'm looking forward to seeing how
God will use them to help Kenyans who have cataracts, glaucoma and more. Some of the cases they saw today were unlike anything they had ever seen apart from in text books...

We got home about half an hour ago (around 10 pm) and are all packing to go on safari. I have a number of items on my to-do list which cannot be put off till I return.

I look forward tto the two days away with the team and seeing how they're blessed by experiencing the African wildlife.

I'll connect again on Sunday, when I'm back.

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