Monday, October 23, 2006

Disappointed Faith

Power was out again today, from around 10:30. I had called wonderful Kenya Power around 4 pm asking what time they we could expect the power to be back on. "It will be back at 5 pm." That hour came and went. By 6, I called again. "We will reconnect any moment. Please be patient," I was told. So I thought it would be safe to color my hair since the power would be back any moment!

By the time I had to rinse my head, there was still no power. I thought to myself, why on earth did I even have faith in Kenya Power to restore the power any moment? The water was freezing cold. As in it would give you a headache, it was that cold. But it didn't since I already had a headache... I've been fighting a strange stomach bug all day and was in bed for most of the day with an achy body. So doing the icewater thing was no fun.

It was good use of my time, though, since I couldn't do a whole lot witout the power being on. It came back sometime after 7. Hoped to stay up late to do some things, but I'm wiped out. I'm going to sleep now instead...

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