Saturday, October 21, 2006

Love Bugs

Yesterday, I showed the kids their last movie for the next 3 months! We've gone through all the VeggieTales movies months ago, so we've been watching other movies. Yesterday, it was time for Herbie. I didn't stay to watch it with the kids since we have two interns who could help with supervision while I worked. Yet even just starting up the movie and seeing the bug brought back memories of when our family used to go to the drive-in theater to watch Herbie's antics. I can't imagine that I really do remember seeing The Love Bug since I was just one year old when the first of the Herbie movies was released. Anyway, the kids loved the movie and cheered for the beetle, though they themselves have never seen a car like that. In fact, afterwards, Rogers asked me, "Adele, was that movie real?"

Before the movie started, kids kept asking, "Today, we'll see Jesus movie?" They loved watching the Jesus Film for Kids, but no-one knows who now has our DVD of that film, so we've not been able to watch it again. (A friend in Canada is sending me a new copy.) I told the kids that when I'm back, we'll watch that movie again! It amazes me, though, how these kids LOVE to learn about Jesus.

One week from today, we'll take all our children to Kipkaren for the official opening of the children's home there. You can imagine how excited the kids are about going to see their cousins in Kipkaren! They always hear me talking about going to Kipkaren and they've seen pictures of the children's home there. However, actually going there for the day will be a huge treat!

The day after the celebration, I'll be boarding a plane for the US. Actually, it'll be a plane to London first--there are no direct flights from Kenya to the US. In London, I'll take the train to the city and meet up with my friend and former colleague Melissa for breakfast. Then it's back to Heathrow for the flight to Los Angeles. In LA, I'll be connecting with friends and then speaking at Azusa Pacific's chapel for the conclusion of Global Vision Week.

So between now and then, the most pressing items on my infamous to-do list is to send out a children's home newsletter, a personal newsletter, finalize my talk for APU, make a video presentation for the ELI celebration, and make another presentation for my meetings in California and Iowa. Among other things. And get everything ready for me to be gone for 3 months.

This week will definitely fly by!

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  1. Hi Adele,

    I'll be praying for your safe travels. Is that children's home newsletter something you email out every month or something like that as an update to what all is going on there? If so, may I be in the email list for that? It's if I can.

    Take care but I will miss reading this for 3 months. -James