Thursday, October 23, 2008


I caught myself packing my clothes according to color.

Which makes me wonder... No. I'm not OCD.

Actually, there are better things to wonder about.

Like, about the phone interviews I'm having tonight... Or what to pack and what to purge.

And how to get that which I'm packing to wherever God takes me next.

Or how to get Flannel to calm down. She's going insane, knowing something's up since the house is getting emptier and messier at the same time as I'm sorting through what to go where.

Or what I will be saying tomorrow at the staff's good-bye to me. They understand that this is a faith journey for me. They know I'm leaving in obedience to God's leading. But how do I encourage them as I say good-bye? I had an amazing training session with the leadership team this morning. They're a great bunch. Today was the final session of the Strengths training.

I had dinner at Michelle's house tonight as it's her birthday. Juli and I walked home in the pitch dark. Not a star was to be seen as the sky is overcast. Our flashlights were making just enough light for us to see a few steps ahead of us. 

That's like the journey I'm on, I thought. God's giving me grace for the moment. Just enough to trust him for the next step. And the next. One at a time.

"I will cherish the memories of this village," I told Juli. "Of the beauty of the training center lights reflecting on the river. The dim lantern lights from neighbors' homes..."

We heard a low rumble. It honestly sounded like a growl. There are some pretty territorial dogs along the way, and I immediately pulled my daypack from my back as protection. But as I stopped to listen, I realized that it's an airplane that is passing high in the sky. Far above the clouds. We couldn't see it.





Take the next step.

Have faith.

That's the journey.

It truly is an honor to be on this journey with God.

And it's an honor that you're part of the journey...


  1. Adele,
    First, I can't imagine having to pack when I'm not sure exactly where I'm going! I will be praying for your phone interviews tonight.

    Of course, with the time difference they may be over??

    I would love to send you the study but I couldn't find your email address. I had it at one time, but it must be out in space!


  2. I think I'll take some of your advice...