Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Shoo, fly!

There's this pesky fly buzzing around my bed.

I wish I still had Barra Barra. He'd have caught him in no time!

But somehow I think Flannel would've caught Barra Barra in now time, too.

BTW, she brought me a gift the other morning: my favorite bird, the little malachite kingfisher! Obviously I jumped at her when I saw what she was bringing in. The little bird was stunned for a moment when Flannel let go of her grip on it (only because I had a grip on the back of her neck). And then it flew straight for the window.

Only problem: It flew for the only window with screens, and promptly pegged itself into the screen. She hung there like a prize pinned to a notice board.

Poor thing.

I managed to carefully remove her from the mosquito screen and release her back into the wild, thinking I'd probably never see her again.

She was back the next morning, maybe to thank me.

I haven't seen her since.

Barra Barra and Ms. Malachite would both love to catch the fly.

Flannel, on the other hand, is fast asleep on my lap.

Which makes it hard to go get the cow tail fly swatter from behind my door. Not that it kills flies. It only shoos them away.

I should just get up and put down my mosquito net for the night, and try to sleep early for a change.

Like that would happen!

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