Friday, October 10, 2008

Hmmmm. Coffee!

I shouldn't be drinking coffee this morning. I should be having black, herbal tea instead. But that simply doesn't go with quiet time in the gazebo...

I'm heading outside, then off to Ilula for the day. It's Moi Day here, a national holiday. The Kipkaren staff is playing soccer at Ilula today. I bought two goats to roast as (yet another) early birthday celebration. And as a gift to the staff. I actually like freshly-roasted goat. I even like mtumbo, goat intestines. But today, I won't be having any meat. My system's not yet ready for that.

Tomorrow, I'm flying to Nairobi for a meeting and to buy material for our home-based care offices. Somehow, in the last year or so, I've become ELI's interior decorator. To some extent, I don't mind at all. I believe beauty is part of what God created us for. Except, I really don't think I'm that good at interior decorating. Even less so at flower arranging, yet next week, I'm responsible for what to do with the 500 red and white roses we've ordered for David and Allison's wedding. No vases. Just the flowers. (Ideas are VERY welcome!)

Back to Nairobi: I'll also go and see a tropical disease doctor, so he can tell me what kind of bacteria I picked up that won't be fully killed by Cipro...

So, in short, the schedule for the next few days:

Friday-Saturday pm: Ilula

Saturday-Wednesday am: Nairobi

Wednesday-Friday: Figure out what to do with the flowers...

Saturday: David and Allison's wedding.

Lots and lots and lots of other things are happening in between all of this, in case you're wondering.

Life here simply isn't that simple. It's packed with all kinds of good stuff.


  1. you've got a very full life indeed.
    I'll have to get you some websites that are all about wedding arrangements.

  2. Here are two of my favorites with great ideas...especially in the archives.

    Style Me Pretty:


    Elizabeth Anne Designs:

  3. Yikes, I hope you get an accurate Dx and are able to kill off that bacteria!

    I would have no idea what to do with the roses, either; I am a dreadful flower-arranger.

    And why shouldn't you be drinking coffee? Didn't you read all those Advanced articles about how good it is for you? ;)