Monday, October 27, 2008

Some favorite phtos from yesterday

The kids LOVED playing, eating lots, and especially making new friends. Victor and Justus wanted to be sure that I took their photo at the end of the day...

Collins and Dennis, two of my little "buddies" from Kipkaren
Friends: Shadrack, Patrick and Gideon

Veronica (the "grandma" at Kipkaren) embraces Felix after the boys' soccer game. The Kipkaren boys gave Ilula a run for the trophy (but still lost in the end)

The Sifuna kids and I ... They stopped by for the day to come and say good-bye to me

In the morning, the bus got totally stuck on the way to Ilula, so at the end of the day, the kids had to walk back to the main road so the bus wouldn't get stuck again. By 8:00, when I went to say good-night to the Ilula kids, many of them were already fast asleep! They had an AMAZING day, and so did I.

Thanks to our friend on the other side of the world who made this day possible through your generous donation.


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  2. Beautiful pictures! What a blessing for all of you to have such a great memory to part ways on. I'll be praying for you on as your new journey unfolds. Much love from Iowa!

  3. Great pictures! They look so happy.