Saturday, October 11, 2008

Highs and Lows

The staff at Ilula had invited the Kipkaren staff for a sports day yesterday. It was Moi Day, a day where you're supposed to visit the poor and people in hospitals, I'm told. So the staff from Kipkaren loaded up all of our vehicles and came to visit the staff in Ilula. :)

Though our two campuses are only 60 km (about 40 miles) apart, it is a luxury for staff to be visiting the other campus due to fuel costs as well as the logistics of running full-time ministries such as ours. In other words: The Kipkaren staff were pumped to get away for the day! And the Ilula staff just as pleased to have their friends and colleagues here for the day.

They played volleyball and soccer, ate together, had a trophy ceremony, and simply had fun.

As did I. I didn't play; just hung out with the staff and the visiting team. And when they all left last night, I stayed behind and spent the night reading to the children and visiting more with them.

I've just come back to my home for a short while to wait for someone who wanted to come and meet with me. A visit like that is usually not a simple chat, but usually a request for school fees. Which is hard. I know for a fact that such requests come from places of immense need. It's just hard when I'm the person so, so many people here turn to as a last hope. And my money can only go so far. Plus, even if I (or ELI) had all the money in the world, just giving handouts is not the solution.

But as one friend after another sat before me bringing their plight, my heart ached for them. It's life for many people in Africa. And life here isn't easy. As we prayed together, though, I remembered yet again that Jesus didn't promise us an easy life with him, but that he'll be with us, even as we face challenges.

In that, I found solace.


  1. Nice blog n good luck with ur mission.

  2. So glad you got a visit ... and yeah, I imagine that would be so hard to receive so many requests when your own funds are so limited. Glad you found solace though.