Monday, August 13, 2007


I just got shocked 10 minutes or so ago. There's a huge thunderstorm outside, and I was in my house, working on my computer. My hands were resting on the computer and my bare feet were on the tile floor when suddenly I got a huge shock just as lightning flashed outside. Within a split second, I unplugged the power cord and then BAM! came the thunder and more lightning.

We've been having a lot of rain lately. So much so that there was a mud slide in Kakamega, a town not far from here. No mud slides in Kipkaren. Just sliding in the mud, that's all.

Today, after welcoming a new team to Kipkaren, I spent time finishing a recording of our kids at the children's home. We're compiling a CD with some of their songs, memory verses and poems.

Tomorrow, the first of 400 or so youth will arrive for the 10th annual Kipkaren Youth Camp. Many of the students will be staying in tents. This place will be bustling with life for the next week.

I leave for Nairobi on Wednesday and will be back Saturday morning. Working on some projects from there, meeting interns, and hopefully getting a haircut and a movie. :)

Will try to upload an audio file to the Internet.


  1. Adele,
    Hope camp is wonderful for all. Have a safe and renewing trip to Nairobi.
    You ARE making a difference!

  2. Thanks, Kathy. I appreciate your encouraging words. Lots.