Sunday, August 26, 2007

Update on Congo

This morning, we received news that things aren't stable in the DRC. However, we aren't able to confirm that since very little news seems to be coming from that country.

We'll still be flying to Kigali on Monday morning. The plan is to meet our Congolese director on Tuesday evening, and drive to Bukavu the next morning. If it's not safe to go at that time, we'll have to stay in Kigali until it is safe to go to Bukavu.

If we end up getting stuck in Kigali, I'm sure you'll see some blog posts from me.

If we are able to go to Bukavu after all, you will likely not hear from me until we are back. So I guess "no news is good news."

Please join us in praying for safe travels, for wisdom, and for connections with those we are supposed to meet.

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